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Tabernacle’s Tiny Tigers is a licensed preschool facility and open to children from every background. We are a family-centered school, partnering with parents to ensure the success of every child. Clear and consistent communication between home and school is essential. Our school has been serving families in the community for 44 years. We offer a variety of childcare options to meet your individual family needs. We have half day and full day options available. Daycare is available from 6:45am to 6:00pm. Parents and children who attend Tabernacle will tell you that our school feels like a family. Many of our teachers and staff are former students who return to invest back into the school community. Lasting friendships are formed here. We invite you to start your experience at Tabernacle by joining the Tiny Tigers and watching your child excel.

Our classrooms and dedicated teachers offer students the opportunity to learn and discover more about themselves, their world, and each other in a warm and safe environment. Each of our teachers is trained in early childhood education and has a passion to see children excel. We provide a quality preschool program that combines play-based and academic curriculum to help our students prepare for kindergarten. We carefully plan activities that are developmentally appropriate and encourage exploration, fine-motor improvement, an interest in science and mathematics, and early literacy. Establishing routines and procedures is an important part of our program. These practices provide a safety and security that allows children the freedom to thrive. We encourage healthy lifestyle choices with our snack and lunch program.


We understand how important it is to find the right elementary program to fit the needs of your growing child. At Tabernacle, we provide an elementary education that prepares children to think clearly, act responsibly, and live ethically. Our programs and curriculum give our students a competitive edge in an increasingly complex society as they discover their unique giftedness.

Our qualified teachers are passionate about providing a high-quality education while developing students' love for Christ in a caring and safe environment. We provide different modalities of learning knowing that God has created each child to be unique. Through hands-on projects and enrichment activities such as electives, physical education, integrated technology, and field trips, Tabernacle equips our students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

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Middle School

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We are thrilled to welcome you to Tabernacle Middle School, where we help our students navigate the early teen years and prepare to excel in high school and beyond. Throughout the middle school years, our students are challenged academically and grow in confidence as they explore their interests. We consider it an honor to partner with you in providing support and guidance for your children as they grow academically, spiritually, and athletically. We offer a strong list of academic and elective courses that meet our standard of excellence and help our students gain a solid academic footing in preparation for high school. Because of our high standards, our students regularly perform beyond grade level in national standard testing.

Our middle school students have the opportunity to attend hands-on learning experiences as they go to a four-day outdoor education science camp in sixth grade. Students in the eighth grade take a week-long trip to Washington D.C. to visit the places they have learned about in our country’s history. Middle school students at Tabernacle have access to state-of-the-art computer and science labs, award winning school sports teams, and an enriching extended care program before and after school. Biblical truth is a part of everything we teach through daily Bible classes, weekly chapels, and classroom Biblical integration. We have our own chapel band lead us in worship during chapel time on Fridays and have guest speakers join our staff presenting God’s Word in the Bible.

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Common Core

As a school well-known for maintaining academic excellence, Tabernacle School reviews all educational standards, both state and national. More importantly, we are committed to providing a Christian education to those we serve by forming and awakening faith in Jesus Christ in our students.

School Standards

Many Common Core standards have been implemented at Tabernacle School. The Common Core calls for an increased emphasis on deeper understanding of underlying concepts in both the English Language Arts and Mathematics standards. Tabernacle School has long challenged students not just to memorize facts, but to go deeper, think critically, and demonstrate a higher level of understanding. Other Common Core Standards address only minimum requirements and may be one or more grade levels below what we recognize as good teaching. We do not limit ourselves to national standards but go beyond, based on our philosophy of learning and sound educational practices. In other words, Tabernacle School’s curriculum exceeds many Common Core Standards in age­ appropriate instruction and academic rigor.

What Is Common Core?

Common Core Standards are a broad set of national standards established to shape and govern the general educational standards and assessments in public school. Currently, there are a handful of states who have opted not to align with the national standards.

Private Schools & Common Core

While public schools in California are mandated by our state leadership to adopt Common Core Standards, private schools are in a unique position to choose their alignment with the standards for their curriculum and institutions as a whole. In addition to new standards, Common Core also brings a new standardized test for students. However, private school students are not required to take these state tests.


In English (which the state refers to as English Language Arts), the Common Core refers to specific state standards of reading, writing, speaking, and listening whose mastery allows students to leave high school “ready in literacy.” Tabernacle School never set out to align ourselves with secular standards, but we find that the Common Core standards are already embedded in our courses. We strive to encourage students to think skillfully, critically, and intelligently.


The stated purpose of the Common Core State Standards Initiative is to detail and standardize what K-12 students from each state should know upon leaving each grade level. They are intended to achieve greater focus and coherence in the mathematics curriculum across the grade levels, leading to greater depth of application and understanding for individual students. Many would simply call this “good teaching,” and the Mathematics Department at Tabernacle is committed to a level of excellence that universally meets or exceeds the aforementioned standards.

Expected Learning Results

Lifelong Learner

Is accountable for exerting personal effort towards his/her educational responsibility to be self-controlled and productive in the classroom and his/her commitment to live-long learning. Recognizes and develops his/her unique gifts by setting short-term and life-long personal goals which honor God, the Creator or gifts. Demonstrates leadership skills which are evidenced by living ethically and morally pure before both God and man while cultivating mental discipline and discernment as an involved citizen of the society.

Faithful Follower of Jesus

After accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior, demonstrates an on-going, deepening love relationship with the Lord as evidenced by a Christ-centered life displaying the personal attributes of Jesus. Develops a Biblical world view which results in a proper perspective of God as Heavenly Father and produces a growing trust in Him as Provider, Sustainer, and Controller of life. Shows evidence of a conscience sensitive to God’s commandments by knowing and applying God’s Word to all aspects of life.

Academic Achiever

Reads with good comprehension and writes with clear expression, meaningful vocabulary, and organization of thought. Applies critical thinking and problem solving skills to all types of learning and life situations. Communicates effectively with others by listening attentively and speaking clearly with confidence. Exercises a variety of methods, strategies and tools, including technology, to conduct research, evaluate information, and make responsible decisions in light of Biblical truths.

Citizen of Character

Demonstrates respectful and responsive behavior towards others, with the right heart attitude. Exhibits responsible conduct in word and action, employing resourcefulness in accomplishing educational and life objectives. Works receptively with a diversity of people in a variety of frameworks with a resolute approach to learning.

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