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In 1989 our Founder, Margaret Bridges, felt God’s call to establish Christian Schools in parts of the world that were previously unreachable. Tabernacle School has partnered with several schools overseas to help spread the good news of Jesus, and we continue to identify opportunities to impact our world.


The school and church separated operations in 1996 and have continued to share use of the Tabernacle Church property. At the beginning of the 2009 school year, Mrs. Bridges retired from daily school services. We are grateful for the impact she has made as the Founder of Tabernacle School, and we continue to honor her vision and her love for children. A management team was formed to oversee the day-to-day operations of the school, while the school board continues to be responsible for Tabernacle's vision, mission and finances.

Present Day

Tabernacle School has flourished under our current leadership team. We are continuing to look for ways to improve our campus through the use of technology and the integration of teaching methods based on our philosophy of multiple intelligences. Each year we strive for excellence in education while fostering a loving family atmosphere where children grow and thrive.


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Excellence Based

Vitally engaged in producing life-long learners through teaching and modeling self-discipline. We identify each student’s unique God-given intelligence, through awards assemblies and instruction. We begin to outline the future and build their skills by introducing them to professions that match their abilities.

Evangelically Focused

Passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known. Inclusive in our outreach. We have families from every religion. Through our interview process, we explain that JESUS is the central figure of our school. He is a Person, not a religion. We explain very honestly that their children will be taught to believe in Jesus and to love Him.

Truth Centered

Committed to an education that molds students’ hearts and minds for lasting impact. We believe in fostering an environment where truth serves as the cornerstone, guiding students towards wisdom and purposeful living.

Relationally Engaged

Dedicated to loving and nurturing students. Tabernacle School has a foundational character program which teacher morals and ethics. Every child knows that they will be a servant leader.

Gift Program

At Tabernacle we believe every child is a gifted child, and we respect the unique giftedness of all children by working to help them discover and develop their gifts. Because children are gifted in different ways, we offer a broad range of programs designed to help them develop their own unique strengths. We respect and work to develop the following universally recognized areas of giftedness.

Live Program

Teaching character is an important part of our philosophy at Tabernacle School. We emphasize five different character traits in our classrooms: responsible, respectful, compassionate, cooperative, and courageous. Teachers recognize students for showing these character traits in the classroom and at quarterly assemblies. If a student shows exceptional character in one of these areas a teacher will send them to the office for “Caught Being Good”. There they get a sticker that they proudly display for the rest of the day. Their name is added to our character bulletin board in the lunchroom and a letter is sent home detailing why they were sent to the office. Below are some examples of how each character trait is displayed in our students.

IndustriousGetting your work done
TruthfulHonest and conscientious
ProductiveTangible results from your work
ReliableDependable and trustworthy
DeterminedExerting personal effort to complete tasks
PersistentNothing stops you from doing the right
AmbitiousWillingness to do the work to be successful
WiseShowing good judgment and making good choices
ServanthoodServing others throughout your lifetime
ResistanceResisting evil and doing wrong
PoliteWell mannered and honoring in your attitude
ObedientSubmitting to your authority
ThinkingPutting God first in your thoughts
LeadershipBeing an example for other students
AcceptingTreat others as you would want to be treated
QuietKnowing when not to talk and make noise
EncouragingWorking to build the life of someone else
AdmissionOwning up to wrong and accepting the consequences
HonoringRespectful towards your parents and teachers
DisciplinedKeeping the rules and doing right
CaringKind and considerate
GentleGracious and loving
EmpathyBeing aware and sensative to the experiences of others
DiscretePrudent silence and not gossiping
AttentiveMindful and observant
FriendlyWarm and accepting
ForgivingAllowing room for faults and showing mercy
PassionateExpressing feelings for those in need
SelflessSacrficing to help others
ObedientFollow instructions carefully
AttentivePaying attention
FlexibleAgreeable and adaptable
PeacefulCalm and untroubled
FairImpartial, objective, and reasonable
JoyfulHappy and contended in all circumstances
ThankfulGratitude and appreciation
PositiveAccepting and affirming to everyone
FaithfulLoyal and steadfast
PatientBearing difficult things calmly without complaining
DeterminedTo know Jesus and make Him known
Loving Providing for those in need, protecting the disenfranchised
ReceptiveVery teachable
DisciplinedDoing the right thing
ThinkingUnderstand logical consequences of choices
VigilantWatchful about personal behavior
BraveWilling to stand alone for their convictions
DecisiveAble to make good choices quickly
ReliableFollowing through on commitments
FocusedWillingly follow Jesus and obeys Him
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